Thursday, March 02, 2017

Infinite space - Latin languages

Drawing by Aafke Steenhuis.

I started my first blog Tutto è possibile, in Dutch. After a few months I switched to Spanish because that language gave me more freedom to express myself. "To express myself" means that I turn the non-verbal or pre-verbal into language (it could also be music). I love thoughts and feelings that are not expressed in language, because language structures and limits, and I like space, infinite space.

I skip over three lines, in order to give space and time to the idea above, and not immediately suppress or overflow it with a next thought. But the human mind usually works in such way that your eyes are immediately carried away by the next image, even if that image is not visible to an outsider and is present only in your head. The acting of the human mind in such way can create unrest and disintegration. But it can also create the opportunity to give structure and dynamism to the reality as you see it.

Again I jump 3 lines and write three as 3. You can say, three is the same as 3, or three = 3, but visually it looks different and that visual difference makes the experience or perception different. That is, because you give a sign a meaning which is not a meaning in itself but a meaning that depends on other signs and meanings evoked by the perception of the sign. You can also say: you interpret a character within a context. For each person the context is different. It is amazing that we still understand each other usually pretty well, in formal language (mathematical language) more easily than in language fed with associations and feelings.

In my blog Tutto è possibile I searched for a language that would be close to my feelings and associations. I found this after a few months in Spanish, or rather, in my personal, imperfect Spanish, sometimes mixing it with or replacing it by French and Italian. Latin languages.


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