Saturday, January 06, 2018

The eyes of my great-grandfather

One of my great-grandfathers has a face that intrigues me. What is it that intrigues me? His eyes, and his lips. They express a mood and a genetic background that I find intriguing, not only because they are a bit uncommon for a Dutchman but also because they relate to an inner world that I would like to know.

I looked again at the picture above when I was writing one of the short stories about my stay in Bombay, The eyes of Naresh.

I am less intrigued by the face of the wife of my great-grandfather, even though I once visited her as a small boy when I stayed with my grandmother in The Hague. You can see the face of my grandmother in my post The eyes of Naresh and tthat of my other grandmother (the mother of my mother) in Mi abuela napolitana - Nelly De Ferramte.

Below is another picture of my grandmother from The Hague.


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