Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Bombay - The spots on Aafke's lower legs

She had been bothered for a few days, but suddenly I thought: a doctor has to look at this. I walked to the desk of our hotel, explained what happened to Aafke. The boss looked for a piece of paper, picked up the phone, called and said that we had an appointment with a dermatologist in a clinic in the neighbourhood. He sent one of the servants to arrange a taxi. And so we sat fifteen minutes later with bare feet in the waiting room of the dermatologist. 

There was a woman who had a look at Aafkes legs and not much later the skin doctor came to us and invited Aafke in the small room to tell her story. Then we went to the treatment room. He looked carefully at her legs, diagnosed her and prescribed two types of cream, one for the morning and one for the evening. 

Two days later the spots had almost disappeared. I thanked the boss of our hotel for his resolute action and said that this would be exceptional in the Netherlands. 
What Aafke had? An allergic skin reaction.  

The dermatologist also prescribed pills. He asked if Aafke sometimes had side effects, said he did not expect the pills to cause side effects, but left it to Aafke about whether or not to take them.  

He wrote the use of both creams and pills in such a beautiful, clear and artistic handwriting that I said that I had never seen a doctor in the Netherlands with such a clear handwriting. To which he replied laughing, that they therefore did not take him seriously as a doctor.


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