Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Films about my mother

I think it is exceptional that I have a film of my mother at age 18. Who else has a film about her or his mother as a young lady?

There are more films about my mother, also of when she was younger, and older, for example at the age when she married my father. Her marriage took place in the middle of the second world war. Daily life went on.

To what extent did people in the Netherlands feel, sense the war? What feeling did it give them, in what ways did it change their daily life?

I found a book with clippings of, what I think, are editorials written by the father of my mother. I glimpsed at them and felt lightly uncomfortable. Why? I don't know yet, it was just a light feeling of unease. I may come back to these editorials and either change my initial impression or stick to it.

The father of my mother was the one who made all these films. He filmed his daughter when she married my father, and he filmed her during a joint walk in nature, as you can see in the film below. He also filmed the scenes that I used in the film about my Italian grandmother. She was his wife. On the picture above she sits next to my father at the wedding dinner of my parents. A year later, in 1942, she died at age 49. She already had cancer when the picture above was taken. My mother was not aware that she had cancer, I think, or at least did not know what kind of cancer she had. How do I know? Because a younger sister of hers told me so. About that younger sister, Ellen, I made a film: La última visita a la casa de mi tía Ellen.

Here is the film about my mother as a young lady during a walk with her father: 

José Blink - Holanda en los años 1930


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