Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Film about my Italian grandmother

Nelly De Ferrante in the Netherlands

Nelly De Ferrante at Capri

Film: Mi abuela napolitana - Nelly De Ferrante

Escenas filmadas en Capri en los años 1920 o 1930. También hay un par de escenas más recientes filmadas por mí. El nombre de mi abuela napolitana es Nelly De Ferrante (1893 - 1942). Su padre, Bernardo De Ferrante, era un medico condotto. j.j.teunissen@planet.nl

For those who do not understand Spanish, here is an English translation of the spoken text in the film:
My Neapolitan grandmother was born in 1893 in Napoli. As a girl she lived in Naples and Capri. When she was 6 years old her father died. At age 9 she emigrated with her mother and brothers to Belgium. Ten years later she emigrated again, to Holland. There she met her husband. They had 8 children, the oldest of them was my mother (José Blink).
I found a film of the twenties and thirties, filmed by my grandfather during a trip to Italy, in which my Italian grandmother appears. There are scenes filmed in Capri, the island where her father (Bernardo De Ferrante) was a doctor (medico condotto).
She lived in Capri next to a church and I guess here she visits her neighbours.
The departure of my grandmother from Capri.
My departure from Capri.
My Neapolitan grandmother died in 1942, six years before I was born.


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