Saturday, November 30, 2019

Piazza Vanvitelli

One evening he asked his mother to tell him everything she knew about the Italian family. "Why do you want to know it?" she had asked a bit surprised. "Because you called me my little Italian," he replied with a smile.
Her Italian grandfather was born around 1862, she said (but in reality it was in 1861). He and his wife had five children, the oldest of whom died shortly after the Second World War. Her mother, the second oldest, had died in November 1942. The third, a boy, also died young, around 1951, in the midst of his fiftieth. "So they've all been older than dad," he had ironically observed.
The other two children of her Italian grandfather, the two youngest, were born in 1897 and 1899. She knew their birth years by heart as they were her mother's younger brothers whom she knew well and he also knew them well. He called them uncle while they were cousins ​​for him. His "real" uncles lived largely abroad and these two uncles simply lived in the Netherlands. One of them, Mario, had a young daughter, his youngest, whom he had been a little in love with in his youth. She was his age and lived near him. Later he sometimes saw her at family gatherings and he liked to look at her, and she too at him.

In the picture you can see a daughter of Uncle Mario's youngest daughter.


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